Choosing the Right Sports Car

A sports car can be a good ride if you are interested in the high-tech and supersonic speed model. These are not just fancy, they are also comfortable and captivating. But their expensive, and come in different models, that necessitate proper analysis before you to buying one.

Convertible or coupe?

 Many sports cars are offered in two distinct body styles: closed-roof coupe, or open-roof convertible. Which one you go for is obviously a matter of taste, but sun lovers should beware that vehicle security isn’t generally as good, and often refinement (such as the level of cabin noise) is compromised with a soft top.

Make sure you can afford it Sports cars are expensive, too. Not only are they pricey to buy, running costs can be astronomical: fuel consumption, tax, servicing, parts and, in particular, insurance costs are often much higher.

Best budget sports cars Not all sports cars are expensive. If you’re looking to maximize your fun but minimize your outlay, the Mazda MX-5 currently starts from less than £20,000 new, as do the Mini Coupe, Cabriolet and Roadster; the Volkswagen Sirocco is only a little more than that, and the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ both come in at under £25,000.

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Just like most of the other cars in the market, sports cars come in both manual and automatic transmission types. However, the automatic transmission mode tends to outsmart the manual one in a number of ways as speed, power and engine safety among others.


A good automated clutch transmission is faster: modern automated gearboxes change gears in 0.1 seconds, a competitive racing driver might manage 0.4 seconds in a manual. This is why a manual 2016 Porsche 911 does 0-60 in 4.1 seconds, whereas the PDK does it in 3.7 seconds with the same engine.

More gears = more usable power:

Having a good auto transmission (even the torque converter kind) allows for more gears than a human could manage. For example, the 2015 Corvette has an 8-speed auto transmission. It would be pretty hard for a human to use 8 speeds. The manual Corvette has 7 speeds and it kind of looks ridiculous — can you imagine an 8th?

Prevents engine destruction:

The automatic is easier to protect from damage due to human error — it’s much harder to accidentally over-rev an automatic. By comparison, a manual makes it easy to destroy your engine. For example, imagine you’re in 5th in the picture above, and you try to shift down to 4th; but you accidentally shift down to 2nd. As a result an engine with a 7500rpm redlines might suddenly find itself doing 9000rpm. Amongst racing driver, this is such a well-known mistake it is called the “money shift” — because it’s guaranteed to cost you a lot of money.

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With the high-end class that sports car come with, affording this expensive automobile is definitely a challenge if you are not so much endowed financially. However, if you cannot manage to buy one, you can rent it sometime as well and get to experience what it takes to ride this fast paced cruiser.


Taking the opportunity to rent a sports car is a great way to try it out to determine whether it would fit in with your lifestyle. Besides testing how the car drives and whether you can handle it, you can ensure that you will be able to bear the cost of fuel, for example, and that you will have a safe place to store it. Rather than allow yourself to be seduced by the speed and ability of the car, use it to determine whether it will fit into your life.

The rent of a sports car will also give you the chance to see the type of attention that you will attract as a result. Although it may initially make you feel good, consider whether this is something that you would get tired of in the event that you actually owned the car.


To rent a sports car is a convenient way to obtain transport for special occasions without having to worry about the continual maintenance that a high-end car requires. Having a sports car for a limited period will allow you to experience the prestige of driving it without having to worry about the levels of depreciation that affect the value. It will also make it easy to choose a car that is suitable for different occasions as they arise.

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