What To Do Before And Immediately After A Car Crash

If you are in need of the services of a collision body shop, then your car has probably really been through the wringer. Have you been in an accident? Thankfully, if you are still reading this article on car repair, then you probably dont have too many injuries to worry about. Now you might be wondering why I am talking about injuries well, this is because this is a very important rule in case of an auto collision.

Safety First

This goes out to everyone out there reading this. If you ever find yourself in a car crash, the damage done to your car should be the last thing on your mind. Remember that safety first should be your number one mindset. After a car crash has occurred, first of all, check yourself for any injuries. After that, check that all your passengers are accounted for. Ascertain the status of your vehicle. Are there any wreckages around you that might cause injuries? Has a fire started? Safely exit your vehicle and then check if any bystanders were hurt.

Only after you have ascertained the safety of everyone involved in the accident should you be worrying about the damage to your car.

Insurance Has You Covered

No matter how badly damaged your car might look, if you have comprehensive damage insurance, you can rest assured that you are covered. Its only a matter of calling in a towing service to take your car into the auto body shop for repairs. The best part is that most auto body shops are affiliated with the bigger auto insurance companies. This will make it a breeze to file your claims with your insurer. You will probably just need to supply your insurance information to the auto body shop and they can take care of the negotiation of your claim with your insurer. Also, even if your insurer is not an affiliate, your auto body shop should still be able to work closely together with your insurance company.

For Minor Repairs

While severe damage to your car is most likely covered by insurance. Minor scratches, dents are a different story. These are often treated as optional repairs depending on your insurance policy. They may or may not be covered, so you should study your insurance policy carefully. If your insurance deductible does not cover the minor repairs, the money will have to come out of your own pocket.

Look For The Right Technicians

Dont just blindly leave everything to the auto body shop. There may be dozens of technicians in a single auto body repair shop. Always look for the right technician to do the job. If you need a dent repaired, do not hesitate to ask if the technician handling the job is qualified and has the proper certifications.

Prevention Is Better Than Repair

Many road accidents happen because of poor car maintenance. A car that has not been maintained well is a hazard on the road an accident waiting to happen. The brakes could suddenly just give out, the wheels might sleep causing the car to careen out of control. Sometimes the clutch does not kick in preventing the driver from shifting gears. With proper maintenance and regular oil changes, accidents stemming from these causes can be prevented.