Why your Car Deserves a Proper Wash

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  • February 27, 2017
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Every time you hit the road, you want your car to look as if it has just rolled out of the dealer’s parking lot. This cannot come any easy unless you do what you ought to do to keep it clean. However, you need to be careful to avoid scratching your finishing, know the best soaps to use, and the best way to dry it among other inevitable considerations.

Don’t Accidentally Scratch Your Paint

Wear comfortable clothes that don’t have metal zippers or snaps on them while you wash your ride. You don’t want to scratch your paint when you’re leaning up the side to reach the roof, especially if your ride is a big truck.

The Baby Shampoo Trick

Use diluted baby shampoo to get bird shit off your paint as soon as possible, even if you don’t have time to wash your car right away. It’s gentle enough for babies, and it breaks that nasty stuff up quickly, so you can wipe it away. It’s also especially effective if you have birds in your area that have been eating alarmingly bright berries.

Consider Electric Car Dryers

Think about buying one of those electric car dryers, if you have bad luck with (or little patience for) towel drying. It’s basically like a big hair dryer for your car. One nice bonus is you can blow water out of all those little crevices in your car — like the ones around your side mirrors, trunk, or hatch. You can’t do that with a towel.

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You may be fond of washing your car because you like it that much. What will amaze you is the fact that you can give your car a better treats if you take it to a professional car wash to get the job done. These pros will take care of your car’s paint while ensuring it gets a thorough cleaning.

Many people are unaware of the benefits of a professional car wash as opposed to using an average backyard hose to wash their vehicle. Many tests done at a popular university indicate that the average hose in our backyards does not supply an adequate supply of water in addition to detergent action to avoid causing damage to a vehicle’s finish. Many of the brushes that hook to a hose that are purchased from an automotive supply dealer or a local hardware store employ the most harmful method of washing a vehicle. This brush used along with the low water pressure that comes from a garden hose can cause a significant amount of destruction to an automobile’s finish.

If you want to receive car wash services that will provide you with the best full service auto detailing and cleaning, take your SUV, truck, car, or van to a reputable washing service. This type of service can provide your vehicle with precision cleaning and detail services from a highly trained staff that is committed to helping you drive in a cleaner vehicle. Call and find out the options available to you.

A professional team will not only supply you with a wide range of options to get your vehicle cleaner but will also help maintain the finish of your vehicle. You can get the interior as well as the exterior cleaned, and sparkling like new.

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When it comes to technology in car washing, automatic car wash is what comes in the minds of many. This is actually a great way of getting your car cleaned, easy and simple, without leaving streaming water in your backyard or garage. Besides, an auto car wash is environment friendly, and will also do the job better than you could have done it with the DIY way.

Using an auto car wash service is a good way to be environmentally conscious and help to protect the resale value of your car.  Automatic car washes save water, reduce ground water pollution, preserve your car’s paint and finish, and help to retain the resale value of your vehicle.

Washing your vehicle at home can easily use 150 gallons of water, where a touchless or brushless auto car wash will use approximately 35 gallons.

The soaps and detergents used to wash the vehicle, along with the grunge that comes off it, can sink into the ground and pollute the local ground water supply.

Auto car washes reclaim the water used for washing. The water is cleaned and treated before being reused for subsequent car washes.

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